The biggest tribute to a band

This is probably one of the biggest tribute events ever dedicated to a band. 1000 Italians met to record this cover of Learn to Fly with the objective to ask the Foo Fighters to come play in Cesena, Italy. As the organizers say ‘Italy is a country where dreams not easily become true. But it’s a land of passion and creativity’.

And Dave Grohl, touched confirmed they will come. Awesome! Dreams can become true with the right dosage of passion, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Una settimana, un giorno – Edoardo Bennato + Velvet

Ultimamente ritrovo con piacere nelle mie playlist Bennato, bella questa versione di ‘una settimana un giorno’ suonata con i Velvet.

2TheBeat 2004 Cioccolato Bianco vs Jake La Furia

Nine Inch Nails Live 2013

Groove Armada – My friend

Bellissimo pezzo e video

Lose yourself to dance @Burning Man

China Army ft. Daft Punk

Infinite Possibility – SENRI Kawaguchi

E poi appendere le bacchette al chiodo.

FFF – New Funk Generation

Pharrel #1