The biggest tribute to a band

This is probably one of the biggest tribute events ever dedicated to a band. 1000 Italians met to record this cover of Learn to Fly with the objective to ask the Foo Fighters to come play in Cesena, Italy. As the organizers say ‘Italy is a country where dreams not easily become true. But it’s a land of passion and creativity’.

And Dave Grohl, touched confirmed they will come. Awesome! Dreams can become true with the right dosage of passion, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Pope Francesco, the ultimate startupper

Papa Francesco has announced he will launch Scholas.Lab: a startup incubator at the Vatican, focusing on education and social integration. I think this is just an awesome way for Francesco to reach out and speak with right language to the young generations. Francesco is humble yet modern, cool and passionate. Empowerment and education of young generations, is an investment target from Francesco, the top venture capitalist working for the biggest investor in the Universe. Agame el futuro!

The island of towers

I often talk to my foreign friends about Sardinia and how beautiful and peculiar it is. Sardinia is mostly famous for its amazing beaches, but inside the islands and up in the mountains that it’s possible to discover really incredible things, stories and people.

Among them, the Nuraghe are one. There are thousands of these towers (not clear really how they were used and for what) spread out all over the island, they were build about 4000 years ago, by a misterious population, the Nuragic civilization.

They were certainly very advanced for the times, and the only things found about them besides the Nurage, are small bronze statues that reveal quite a bit about how they used to dress (pretty amazing… they look sometimes like aliens) and live.

This drone-filmed movie shows some spectacular images about it (unfortunately the audio is in Italian). Enjoy and come visit this great land.

Startup Europe: connecting the dots

I had the opportunity recently to partecipate in a policy workshop from the Startup Europe team in Barcelona. We have in Europe the infrastracture to build a significant innovation rainforest, I personally think that what we mainly need to do, is to start connecting the dots and watch it flourish to a next level. For those that want to partecipate: engage in the Startup Manifesto.


Maker Faire Europe 2013 a kind of magic happened in Rome

Bizarre foods: Sardinia

Just a little tast of Sardinia for my foreign friends that are thinking to come for a visit.

Dale Dougherty @Ouishare Paris

Dale Dougherty, interviewed in Paris during the Maker Tour of the Barcamper. Dale is co-founder of O’Reilly Associates and inventor of the term Web 2.0 made famous by Tim O’Reilly What is Web 2.0 paper. Talking about the share economy, Makers and the third industrial revolution.

The Barcamper: accelerator on wheels

Last year at dpixel, we launched our acceleration program: the Barcamper. This year the camper is quite busy on the road across Italy (actually in fact we have now 2 Barcampers touring in parallel).

Startups book a 20 minute meeting slot with us on the Barcamper website whenever they want for any of the tour stops that are available throughout Italy. We are going to reach 60 cities, going to Universities, incubators, events and we’ll complete about 1.000 one-to-one meetings in 2013.

After this scouting phase we then put the most promising projects in a very intense one week bootcamp (TechWeek), and present the best ones in a public event called Techgarage that is typically attended by most Italian investors.

Ouishare Festival, the Barcamper arrives in Paris

If in the future factors of production will be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Hardware, software and know-how will be open sourced and constantly grown and adapted by large distributed communities of developers and makers. If all this know-how will be shared online. If finance will be democratized through crowdfunding and peer to peer lending.

How much faster would innovation go? How more efficient would it be? How much more sustainable?

It would certainly be a different kind of society. Ouishare Festival in Paris is about the collaborative economy.

The Barcamper went to take a look at what’s going on at the Fest. It’s going to be the last stop in France and then we’ll start heading north.

Makers in France: new stop of the Barcamper in Bordeaux